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“The Raw Story  is an American progressive news website founded in 2004 by John K. Byrne. It covers current national and international political events and publishes its own editorials which tend to advocate for center-left positions. The Raw Story is a news site, bringing attention to stories that it sees as downplayed or ignored by other media outlets. It is owned by Raw Story Media, Inc.”–Summary retrieved on June 19.


Byrne, the former editor-in-chief of , founded Raw Story after he graduated from  in 2003It was officially launched in 2004, with Rogers joining the same year.

In April 2018, Raw Story partners John K. Byrne and  announced that they had acquired  via a newly created company, AlterNet Media, as well as the New Civil Rights Movement

From 2019 to 2021, Raw Story partnered with  investigative journalist and his nonprofit news service  providing funding for D investigative reporting in exchange for original content for Raw Story‘s subscribers on financial regulation, taxes, energy, the environment, worker safety, and corruption.

In 2023, Raw Story hired Dave  as and Adam Nichols as Executive Editor with the goal of expanding investigative and enterprise reporting. was deputy editor and previously served at .


Founder John Byrne described Raw Story as “focusing on news that’s downplayed by mainstream media outlets”. In 2014, then-executive editor  described Raw Story‘s editorial mission as trying to expose people “who try to exploit American ideas about fair play and equality by rigging things through their immense wealth or their discriminatory cultural myopia. In 2005,  described rawstory.com as:: If you’re looking for alleged malfeasance, the folks at rawstory.com are frequently the mainstream media.

In November 2008, Raw Story reported that the  which had endorsed , had come to Obama’s defense after  criticized him for a comment he had made about coal to the editorial board of the  earlier that January Environmental journalist cited the article by Raw Story in a post he wrote for  blog, and Curtis Brainard, writing in the  described the article as “well-done”.

In 2011, Raw Story was among the first outlets to report on the  assistant apparently directing users away from  and  instead providing results for the definition of emergency contraception or clinics far from the  assistant, still in  at the time, could, however, provide users with methods to acquire.

The same year, Raw Story was the first to report on a contract to create fake social media profiles as a means of psychological warfare to be used against terrorist cells.

In 2012, then-executive editor Megan  wrote about undergoing a procedure in response to recent legislation in Virginia requiring an ultrasound prior to an abortion procedure.

The same year, the outlet broke news of the connection between running back Adam  and Raymond  Howard-Lear. Howard-Lear claimed to be a prophet and made apocalyptic predictions online.  left the 2014  early and did not attend the San Diego State  while sending cryptic messages to reporters.

In 2017, Raw Story investigative reporter Jordan Green reported from the ground of the, and in 2021 covered the civil trial which resulted in a $25 million judgment against the organizers of the rally. Green had been following the activities of extremist groups, learning their lingo, and communicating with them. He has learned that such groups precisely and strategically plan their violent clashes. “That revelation informs his new work — tracking where January 6th insurrectionists’ anger is now directed and how it may manifest again

On February 15, 2021, Raw Story reported that South Dakota Governor  had used a state airplane to travel to conservative political events. The report led Democratic lawmakers to formally request that the state’s attorney general investigate .

The outlet has also reported on, including a report on January 6, 2021, hours before the  in the U.S. Capitol that “predicted exactly what would happen,” according to  Raw Story was among the first to report on instigators of the riots, including an alleged attempt by the  to get then-President Trump to declare  using the

In 2023, Raw Story was the first outlet to report on the re-indictments of the founders of the, a California group known for actively seeking out and engaging in street brawls

In 2023, Raw Story’s Dave was the first to report that cyberthieves stole $690,000 from the campaign of Senator, and revealed that $150,000 was stolen from the campaign of Rep.

False claims

In December 2017, Raw Story published an article based on a  report which mistakenly stated that on September 4, 2016,  had received a website and a decryption key to preview the emails from the  before they were made public by ; the date was later corrected by CNN to September 14, 2016, which was after the emails had been reported on publicly. Raw Story did not include the correction in its article

On February 19, 2018, Raw Story published a report claiming that  co-opting the had forced  senator to resign, and that an article by writer  had been used as part of the campaign told Snopes that her article had been published after Franken announced his resignation, adding: “I was hoping that the piece would give people context and help people grow from all of this into a better place Raw Story later retracted its report

During the Raw Story published an article on November 4, 2020, which claimed that the  (USPS) had failed to deliver 27 percent of  determined that the figure was based on a misreading of Postal Service data, and the USPS stated that it had skipped some steps to get ballots to election offices faster.

According to a study by researchers from the , published in the journal  the headline in another 2020 article in Raw Story engaged in the  by using “the phrasal verb ‘cashing in on’” to create the appearance of impropriety in reporting on a business owned by  when, according to Snopes, there was “no evidence that the startup is linked to any public damage According to the researchers, this use of “polysemous terms in news titles  [is] potentially misleading for the majority of readers who are used to getting their daily news feed scrolling through news titles”

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