Exploring the Truth: How Bad Is Wawa Pizza, Really?

wawa pizza

As the convenience chain spreads its goose wings farther and farther from its Delaware County home base, its menu has expanded beyond Shortis, coffees, and soups into burgers, fries, pastas, garlic knots, and now pizza.

Didn’t Wawa try pizza before? In fact, it did. Twice.

It briefly tested pan pizza with Pizza Hut in the mid-1990s and introduced what it called “deep-dish focaccia pizza” in 2014; at the time, my colleagues reported that it “looked like an accident.”

Wawa’s third attempt at pizza launched this summer. Not surprisingly, media attention has not been favorable, typical of Wawa product launches. Adam Schmidt of DrinkPhilly posted on Facebook: “I just ate a Wawa pizza. Don’t do that.” Ernest Owens’ review at Eater Philly carried the headline, “I know you now have pizza, Wawa. No, thank you.” Washington Post cheap-eats critic Tim Carman’s review was topped with “Wawa pizza tastes like cheese-topped cardboard. So why does it exist


Is Wawa pizza really that bad? We asked five teenagers.

Who better to judge pizzas than teenagers? I found five hungry 11th graders after school Thursday sitting in the principal’s office at Science Leadership Academy in Spring Garden. They were in Principal Chris Lehmann’s office not because they were acting out, but because they knew that pizza was coming. They also knew that they had to act quickly before the track team returned from practice.

The high school taste test

“The pizza tasted burnt at first, but the pepperoni kept me there the whole ride,” said Cianney Saunders, 17, who rated it “5.36 / 10,” mainly for the low sauce-to-cheese ratio and the “burnt-ness.”

“Tastes like cheap pizza, 6.5 / 10,” said Eden McCarthy, 17, who prefers Aldi’s frozen cheese pizza. Like the other students, McCarthy couldn’t imagine ordering a Wawa pizza with extra cheese. “There’s not enough sauce for my taste,” they said. Further, “the crust isn’t flexible enough and the bottom is a little burnt.” They liked the veggie version, which has mushrooms, red onions, and green peppers, better than the plain cheese.

How Bad Is Wawa Pizza, Really?

To the Wawa fans in the room with us today: I’m sorry to report that Wawa pizza is, by all accounts, quite bad. The convenience chain—famous for its hoagies, beloved in New Jersey and Pennsylvania—entered the pizza arena this summer to absolutely blistering reviews. “Wawa, I love you, but your new pizza is trash,” even says local outlet NJ.com. (Hilarious headline, I might add.) We tried it to see for ourselves if the whispers (or, rather, screams) of Wawa’s infamous pizza flop were indeed true. In any case, I respect the risk Wawa took, and I only wish it the best in future saucy endeavors.

Travis Kelce is launching a line of frozen meals at Walmart

Travis Kelce, one half of America’s most monetizable couple, is launching a line of frozen meals. While Taylor Swift has visited Via Carota and inspired Heinz ranch, Kelce is disrupting the food world with Travis Kelce’s Kitchen, a slew of refrigerated entries now available at Walmart. I admit I have never wondered about the contents of Kelce’s kitchen, but now I must. Apparently, it features a lot of Kansas City barbecue: The frozen meals include burnt ends, sliced brisket, and baked beans. “Kelce aims to share his passion for great food, especially the hearty BBQ that Kansas City is famous for,” a Walmart representative told TODAY.com. Now, critics would say this product and its timing during peak Traylor feels like a shameless cash grab, but the Kelce-Swift PR machine is a powerful force, and I have been expertly manipulated into finding the two’s shenanigans generally benign. Let Kelce have his folksy frozen food line, I say. Maybe it’ll find its way into a Taylor Swift lyric one day. 3.9/5 delicious. —Karen Yuan, culture editor

Beloved Wawa just launched pizza, to very bad reviews

I first heard of Wawa’s new pizza after watching a viral commercial featuring a few members of the infamous MTV show Jersey Shore (Mike the Situation, Vinny, and DJ Pauly D, if you must know), arriving at a Wawa in a vintage muscle car and chanting, “Wawa has pizza? Wawa has pizza.” As a true Jersey girl, fan of the debauched reality show, and devoted lover of Wawa, I had to try it, despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews it has received thus far.

What I saw when I opened my box of plain cheese pizza was something greasy, overwhelmingly drowning in thick mozzarella cheese, and a little burnt. When I took a bite, my wide-eyed curiosity suddenly dimmed and I was hit with a grim reality: I shouldn’t have expected anything beyond gas station pizza. The sauce-to-cheese ratio was all off—not enough sauce to counterbalance the saltiness and overwhelming volume of the cheese. I couldn’t even finish the crust, which itself was virtually flavorless. That being said, I don’t go to Wawa for premium-quality food—I go to Wawa for the vibes.

This man faked a heart attack 20 times to avoid paying the bill, and just got arrested

Crime is bad, but at a certain point you have to respect a hustle. That’s why I’m fascinated by the story of a Lithuanian guy in Spain who has been faking heart attacks to skip out on the bill for literal years—even if I wouldn’t invite him out to dinner myself. It looks like the bills he’s refusing to pay are, for the most part, under $100, but I still find myself impressed by his commitment. When he was most recently confronted with his unpaid bill, he reportedly told staff he “felt ‘unwell’ and threw himself to the ground,” according to the New York Post. Coincidentally, that is exactly what I do whenever I’m asked to do literally anything I don’t want to do. It’s never gotten me out of a bill, but it has worked when convincing my boyfriend to run to the bodega to grab us a snack.

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