All About Kate and Rooney Mara’s Parents, Chris Mara and Kathleen Rooney

All About Kate and Rooney Maras Parents Chris Mara and Kathleen Rooney

To say the love of football runs deep in Kate Mara and Rooney Mara  nude fmily would be an understatement. Their parents, Chris Mara and Kathleen Rooney, hail from two of the most coveted sports teams in the NFL: the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers, respectively.

Chris’ devotion to the New York Giants dates back to 1925, when his grandfather, Tim Mara, founded the team. According to a Rooney-Mara profile written by the New York Post, ownership of the Giants has been passed down for three generations.

When Tim died in 1959, his sons, Jack and Wellington Mara, took over as co-owners, per the NFL. Chris’ brother, John Mara, took over as president and CEO following their father’s death in 2005, and Chris is currently the senior player personnel executive.

Meanwhile, Kathleen grew up rooting for the Steelers. Her grandfather, Art Rooney Sr., founded the football team in 1933. Art was a big fan of Tim’s, and vice versa. They often sat next to each other at NFL owner meetings, so Chris and Kathleen were well-acquainted with one another’s families when they officially met in the 1970s.

Though her parents’ rivalry is friendly, Kate said that football season was a “stressful situation, constantly” in their household growing up.

When Kate and Rooney weren’t shuffling to Giants Stadium every Sunday to watch games, they were busy pursuing their love of musical theater — a passion Kathleen encouraged. Speaking with Vogue in 2013, Rooney recalled her mom “always playing old black-and-white movies for us.”

Here is everything to know about Kate and Rooney Mara’s parents, Chris Mara and Kathleen Rooney.

They met at a dog track in the 1970s

While their families were busy at NFL league meetings, Chris and Kathleen were getting to know one another at the dog track.

While their families were busy at NFL league meetings, Chris and Kathleen were getting to know one another at the dog track.

Chris had just started school at Boston College, and Kathleen was still in high school. The pair didn’t become romantically involved until Kathleen also became a Boston College student.

They raised their kids in Westchester, New York

Chris and Kathleen’s East Coast roots run deep, so settling down in New York’s historic Hudson Valley seemed like the perfect fit when it came to raising a family. Kate and Rooney grew up in Westchester, a small town just about an hour north of Manhattan.

Reminiscing about her childhood with Vogue, Rooney described her hometown as “this one teeny little street with a general store and a movie theater.”

“It was really small, really peaceful. We would have block parties, and lemonade stands at the end of the driveway,” she recalled.

As for how that affected which team they rooted for, Kate admittedly stands on her dad’s side.

“I grew up in New York and spent almost every Sunday at Giants Stadium, so my love of the team runs deep. I love the Steelers but at the end of the day, if they’re playing the Giants, I bleed blue,” the House of Cards star told the New York Post in 2016.

Kathleen was a real estate agent

Some of Rooney’s favorite childhood memories include traveling to upstate New York and New England to attend open houses and antique markets with her mom, who worked as a realtor in Westchester, New York.

Now an adult with her own personal style, Rooney’s home aesthetic is inspired by her mother’s eye for antiques and vintage decor. “My entire apartment is furnished with stuff from thrift markets,” Rooney told Vogue.

Chris has been with the New York Giants for over 35 years

Throughout his decades-long career with the New York Giants, he’s helped the team win four Super Bowl championships. According to his NY Giants bio, Chris was hired as a member of the club’s player personnel department in 1979.

After the 1993 season, Chris briefly stepped away from the Giants when he became the head of operations at ProRate, Inc., an independent football scouting agency that analyzed the NFL’s free agent market. After departing from ProRate, Inc. in 2000, he served two years as the president/general manager of the New Jersey Gladiators, per his LinkedIn.

He spent the following 14 years as a scout, and was with the team when the Giants won their first-ever Super Bowl in 1986 and again in 1990.

In 2003, Chris returned to the Giants as the vice president of player evaluation. Since then, he’s been promoted twice and currently serves as the team’s senior player personnel executive. During his gap years, the Giants won no Super Bowl championships, and Chris has led them to victory twice more, in 2007 and 2011.

Kate Mara on politics, Obama pasties

“I’m not interested in politics or being a part of them,” Mara said in a recent teleconference, according to The Baltimore Sun. “I definitely do my homework and make sure I know what’s going on and am responsible enough to be able vote for people I respect and that kind of thing … But I really looked at this and playing a journalist as I would any other job or character.”

“She’s written as somebody who will do whatever it takes to achieve certain goals in her job,” Mara said. “A lot of people like to judge her as sort of immoral — or having a lack of morals. But as an actor, that was the really fun stuff to play — playing somebody who would do things that most people wouldn’t.”

They have two other children: sons Daniel and Conor

Chris and Kathleen welcomed four children together: Daniel, Kate, Rooney (born Patricia Rooney) and Conor. While his younger sisters aren’t shy of the spotlight, Daniel prefers to lead his life out of the public eye.

The youngest of his siblings, Conor graduated from Fordham University in 2011 with a communications degree and, like his father, has pursued a career with the New York Giants. He worked as a productions assistant for the NFL Network and as a fantasy football writer before landing a spot on the Giants’ marketing team in 2021, per his LinkedIn page.

Connor’s coastal wedding to Chelsea Leonard was featured on Martha Stewart. The pair met through their parents at a dinner, who were neighbors in Florida. They tied the knot in April 2018, and Kathleen helped design their wedding cake, which featured an edible football. She also lent Chelsea a pair of earrings for her “something borrowed.”

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